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Thread: Flash for Sony?

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    Re: Flash for Sony?

    Quote Originally Posted by ken_vs_ryu View Post
    Ken, I appreciate your feedback and have looked into this. What I'm most concerned about is the "protector cap" on the flash unit (HVL-F43M) and that web site doesn't appear to have anything that can do this.

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    Re: Flash for Sony?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawfa View Post
    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a flash with the following specs:

    - Compatible with the A7 and the A99
    - Powerful (good enough to use with a large fast zoom at a wedding)
    - Long lasting battery
    - Can be triggered wirelessly if necessary
    - TTL
    - If possible...not very expensive

    I can see my options with the new multi-interface are kind of limited On Camera Flashes | B&H Photo Video

    What would you recommend?

    Not sure if you saw my recent initial review of the Nissin i40 speed-light with multi-function shoe for the A7 cameras (and A99)

    I did a comparison of specifications between the Nissin i40 and Sony's new HVL-F43M with the primary objective being size for use on my A7R (I already have a HVL-F60M for my A99 Wedding Camera).

    Nissin i40 Compact Flash for Sony Cameras ND40-S B&H Photo Video

    Sony HVL-F32M TTL External Flash HVL-F32M B&H Photo Video

    Based on the specifications, I selected the Nissin i40 which can be had now as opposed to pre-ordering the Sony model. Price for both are about the same under $300.

    A few differences helped make the decision:

    The i40 is smaller mostly noticeable in height. While the Sony is slightly slimmer (2.6" verses 2.75" Wide: the B&H specs are wrong for the i40), it is twice as tall when in the down direct flash position (4.7" verses 2.4" high) Both are about the same depth.

    In essence size is okay for both with the i40 presenting a bit more well balanced relationship on an A7 camera.

    The main issue with the Sony model is that it only takes 2 AA batteries. This is a non-starter for Wedding photography IMO and experience. The Nissin takes 4 AAs which helps it recycle faster, and more importantly last longer.

    I also did not like that the Sony model only rotated 180 in one direction, and 90 in the other just something else to remember when in the heat of shooting.

    My Nissin report points out the cons of the i40 with Wedding work being the bias of evaluations.

    Hope this helps a little,

    - Marc

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    Re: Flash for Sony?

    Quote Originally Posted by miklar View Post
    I have been using the Sony HVL-F43M with an A7r for the past 10 months. Coming from Nikon (and still using a D3x with SB800s) I can say Sony's F43M performs equally well, short of lacking some remote control capabilities.

    Unfortunately, a week ago I lost the connector protector caps for the F43M and A7r flash shoe. Neither I or my dealer is able to obtain them from Sony Canada.
    Considering all the contacts are now exposed I'm concerned it may not be long before they become damaged...

    Does anyone here know where I can get several of these "connector protector caps"?
    I'm pleased to report that Sony was able to provide me with both the Shoe Cover and Shoe Cap, including the corresponding part numbers, free of charge.

    Just in case someone here is in need of one or both of these the part numbers are as follows:
    - Shoe Cover 443840401
    - Shoe Cap (875) 443873402
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