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Thread: Hotshoe adaper for older flashes?

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    Hotshoe adaper for older flashes?

    Hey guys,

    Since I've been having a hard time finding the F43M here in Brazil, I was wondering what are the most robust adapters that would allow me to use an F43AM or an F58AM with the A7 (one that would allow me to use ALL of the flash's functions...TTL, auto, etc).

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    Re: Hotshoe adaper for older flashes?

    I have the F43M and I use it on my NEX 7 with the adapter from Sony. While I am doing the opposite to you TTL and HSS both work for me as it was mounted direct. I have a cheap adapter too I have used for older flashes in manual mode but I haven't tried it with the F43M.

    Update: I tried the cheap adapter but the Sony foot doesn't fit in the standard hotshoe.
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    Re: Hotshoe adaper for older flashes?

    Rafael, this is the adapter you need.
    It maintains the full compatibility with all flash functions. I use it on my NEX 6, but mainly with the HVL-F20AM. I have used it also with my Metz 58 AF-1 (with the old style Sony shoe) but then I'm always very careful since that's a big/heavy flash and the extra adapter inbetween doesn't give me a lot of confidence strength wise. The F43AM is quite a bit smaller (but not as small as the F20AM) so you might be OK, but it never hurts to be careful.

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