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Thread: Sony A6000

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    Sony A6000

    Anyone shooting IR with this camera? If so which lenses are you using and which do not have hotspots?


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    Re: Sony A6000

    I have the 50 1.8 and the 20 pancake. I had briefly a 16-50 pancake with a IR converted body for the alleged hotspots but sold it with a Nex6. I discovered that this lens didn't show any hotspots before f8. Actually under many circumstances perpendicular to the sun the hs was no problem. Upon using the 20mm, at least my copy shows a little hs starting at f8. Haven't seen any with the 50.
    It is my belief that possibly most lenses if not all will have hs under the right circumstances,that is shooting in the direction of the sun and past f8.
    You better check this subforum:

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