With new Sony models ricocheting in on all sides and gear lust threatening to overwhelm my common sense (and my bank account), I penned this silly ditty to lighten the mood. Apologies to Dr. Seuss.

Ode to the Early Adopter

While Canon and Nikon refine their old mirror
The Sony A7 line's future draws nearer.
These upstart MILC wonders are starting to sell
The Sony sales numbers are ringing the bell.
But as any true Sony admirer can tell
This new Sony heaven hides an old Sony hell

For as soon as a new Sony model rolls out
The next one's a minute behind without doubt
And the one that for thousands of dollars you paid
Will be worth so much less when the next one is made

Then the war cry goes up throughout Sony land
“We're tired of getting the back of your hand.
We've paid through the nose and we've paid you top dollar
The least you could do is hear what we holler.
Give us the things that you gave to the new guys
Make all the firmware like new with a revise.
Show us you love us (or tell us new lies)
Tell us that mark three is really the prize.”

But firmware upgrades won't get you five axes
and Sony new models are like death and taxes
They keep rolling out and they cause obsolescence
so the only recourse is to learn from these lessons.
To sum it all up and put it succinctly
listen my friends I'll say it distinctly
Don't listen to rumors or SAR stuff
Beware of reviews by Reichmann and Huff.
Don't listen to theories, testimonials or guff.
Just plug up your ears and merely stand tough.

The simplest formula when buying your gear
is skip two generations then wait half a year.