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Thread: Which Sony A7

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    Which Sony A7


    i always have used Canon Systems (5DIII, 6D) and Im generally very satisfied with the System.

    For Traveling, some other Situations I want smaller Camera with a dynamic range like the 5DIII has.
    I like to print my pictures so the resolution has also be good as the 5DIII is....maybe it is possible to get better with the a7 ?!

    By the way it would be great to use my Canon lenses on the A 7 ( 24mm tilt, 17m tilt, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm)

    So which model can you suggest?
    Do you prefer die A7 with 36 MP over the newer one with 24MP

    Best Michael

    Landscape, Portrait, (maybe also Achitecture if the quality is okay)
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    Re: Which Sony A7

    If I were buying today I'd suggest the A7II as it's more refined than the first generation FE bodies. That suggestion might change in the next month or two when the high MP cameras are rumored to be announced. In either case you will want a Metabones 4 EF adapter... Unless they're close to releasing a 5th generation adapter.

    If you are committed to the idea of more latitude to make larger prints and have more DR then I'd wait for what's around the corner once Sony announces their high MP camera(s.) I'd also keep an eye out on the 5Ds/5DsR cameras as they may be a great native alternative for you.
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    Re: Which Sony A7

    If most of your shooting is done on a tripod then I'd suggest the A7r (36MP), but if you hand hold then the A7II (24MP with IBIS) is a better bet as it also has electronic 1st curtain which the A7r lacks (also a quieter shutter). Both cameras will have better DR at low ISO, at high ISO I think it evens out but I've never used the 5d3, 1ds3 was my last Canon.

    With the adapter that Hiredarm suggests you should know that AF will be VERY slow. Consider your lenses MF with aperture control. Also you might need to flock the inside of the adapter due to reflections on the TSE lenses which have such a large image circle.

    The rumors suggest a new camera announcement perhaps in May, but who knows? And when will it ship?
    Mike Broomfield
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