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Thread: FE 85mm G?

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    FE 85mm G?

    I wonder how much will this cost to be competitive against the batis....

    (SR5) Trusted source: Yes, Sony will launch a 85mm G lens soon. | sonyalpharumors

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    Re: FE 85mm G?

    That would be an odd addition to the lens lineup, given that there are already excellent options in that focal length range.

    Personally, I'm hoping for a fast 135mm or 200mm.

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    Re: FE 85mm G?

    What I'd really like to see is an 85-90mm f2.8 lens with stellar image quality and small size. Something like the Contax/Yashica/Zeiss 90mm G. But, all the rumors say that the new lens will be f1.4.

    I agree that releasing such a lens now would be pretty strange timing, considering the Batis 85 (which is still heavily back ordered and not even properly reviewed). And, I also agree that pricing such a lens would be dicey.

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