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Thread: Sony file numbering help

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    Sony file numbering help

    Unlike Nikon or Canon, where file names can be customized in camera, as far as I can see, there is no such customization in Sony cameras. Now that I have used multiple Sony cameras, how do you keep these files straight and prevent accidental overwriting? What is the best practice when downloading RAW and JPEGS to computer (Windows)? The file names are all DSC0001 etc. and identical.

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    Re: Sony file numbering help

    I have the same problem with multiple Nikon cameras, all starting with DSC0001..
    I don't bother to customize the name prefix.

    I set up different main file folders on the computer, using each camera model for the folder name.
    Then I create folders by date below them to store the actual image files.

    - Leigh

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    Re: Sony file numbering help

    I have the same problem with 4 different Sony cameras

    I rename immediately after import into lightroom to the following syntax (I've got these set up as semi-automated rename options for all my cameras):

    PEG_camera name_X_seq number_YYYYMMDD

    PEG: my initials
    camera name: self explanatory
    X: the dsc counter resets to 00000 after 10000 shots, this is the number of times the camera has done that
    seq number: the number after dsc the camera has given the file
    YYYYMMDD: Date format

    here's an example: PEG_NEX6_2_02345_20150801

    Maybe something like this can work for you to keep files from different cameras separated.

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