Hi all.
I got the Sony A7rii. Very happy with it so far.
I tend to use the smart remote app lot on my architectural work. Great for setting up shots with the live view while walking around in the scene and eliminating the need to tweak things and run back to the camera all the time .Great for positioning and tweaking flashes etc.
I'm having a few issues with the smart remote app on the A7rii which are not appearing with the A7r. However a slightly separate bug appeared on the A7r and I've been using a workaround hoping the bug would get ironed out with an update.
On the A7r
I review and/or save save the images on my iPad. Normally I review an original initially to ensure the focus is spot on. (Even better than the evf for my eyes anyway but only suitable indoors or in low light). Some time ago however the full size image is not really the full size image in the app it self. It is still the 2meg version. This means once you zoom in the image becomes very soft and is useless for checking focus. The work around is to make sure the save option is turned on, on the iPad. I than go go photos where it is appearing as a full size image. Great on the retina screens for really making sure composition and focus are perfect. It was a bit of a pain to have to go into photos and than once your back in the smart remote app the captured image has disappeared. If I'm happy with the focus and I proceed with the final image I change the save/review image size to 2megs so that saving to the iPad is a lot quicker. It's really great for architectural work. It's all free and works pretty much as good as a camranger.

However on the A7rii
I can review and/or save save the images on my iPad but only the 2meg version. When set to the original (full size) option it doesn't appear in the app and it is not saved to photos. The screen just goes black and than reruns to live view. Is anyone else having the same problems. Could some users maybe test it on the app to see if the have the same issues. Would be good to know if it's a universal issue before I contact Sony.

Separate from it I must say I'm a bit dissapointed that bracketing can't be controlled from the the smart remote app. Also why can't bulb be operated from the iPad. If it can be done on cheap remote trigger than surely it can be done on the app. Frustrating for users like me who like to stay with as low an iso as possible in dark conditions.