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Thread: Sony FE 28/2 on A6000

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    Sony FE 28/2 on A6000

    I am headed to western China on the 16th of this month and I am frantically trying to settle on camera gear. For cameras I currently have a A6000 and a NEX 5N. The only native Sony lens I have is a FE 55/1.8. Initially I purchased the FE 16-70/4 ZA. I ran tests and I didnít think the IQ performance matched the price. Also I am considering eventually upgrading to a A7xx and donít want this much money tied up in an APS sensor lens. I returned the 16-70/4. I would add that I am very frustrated with the slowness at which Sony develops their camera systems. If they would bring out an upgrade to the A6000 that was weather sealed and included IBIS, I would stay with an APS sensor camera.

    Back to lenses, what I am looking at now is the Sigma 30/2.8, the Sony 35/1.8, and the new Sony 28/2. The thought being that my system will be a CV 15/4.5, one of the above three lenses, the 55/1.8, and a Contax G 90/2.8. The Sigma is the least expensive and the 35/1.8 has OSS but both are APS sensor lenses.

    Which after this long winded ramble brings me to my specific question - how well will the Sony FE 28/2 perform on the A6000?

    Thanks, Bill

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    Re: Sony FE 28/2 on A6000

    I don't know the answer to your question about the 28/2, but I'd think it would perform fine. A lot of people were looking forward to this lens for APS-C use as a "poor man's" Zeiss 24/1.8.

    I thought I'd point out that the Sigma 30mm can also be used on the FE cameras in full-frame mode with only a slight crop. If you remove the baffle on the back of the camera (only involves removing 3 screws and is easily reversible), somewhere between no crop and 1.2x crop will remove pretty much all of the corner vignette. The difference just depends on where the focus is. At min focus distance, you don't really need to crop. Anyways, it might could be a very affordable way to shoot on APS-C for now and then even still be useful if you move up to FE. The link below shows some of the shots I've taken with this lens on my A7, and the taillight shot below is an uncropped example.
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