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Thread: Great macro lenses with A900 mount

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    Great macro lenses with A900 mount

    Macromaniacs shouldn't have to look too far to find two really sharp and well built macro lenses. The Sigma 70/2.8 and the Sigma 180/3.5 are available in A900 mounts at Tri-State and Adorama. Prices run around $399 for the 70 and $800+ for the 180. Strangely, the 150/2.8 (my favorite) is not available in the Sony mount.

    I've used both of these lenses in Canon or Nikon mounts...they are marvelously sharp and I would highly recommend them.

    Roy Benson ([email protected])

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    Re: Great macro lenses with A900 mount

    I bought the Minolta 100 f2.8 Macro...still available re-badged as Sony.
    Best Bokeh and razor sharp.

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    Re: Great macro lenses with A900 mount

    +1 for the Sony Minolta 100mm f/2.8. Why should one look for alternative glass when one such great lens is available. I do not own one for only one reason, I'm still waiting for a rumoured Zeiss 200mm f/2? macro. Otherwise, this lens would be my first choice. I have seen MTF charts by an independent tester and results are impressive. Possibly the sharpest non Zeiss lens in the Sony line.

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