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Thread: A7Rll Issue

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    A7Rll Issue

    My A7Rll has had a real hiccup. All of a sudden it started going through all of the shutter speeds, f stops, and iso ranges..... just kept cycling through. I turned the camera off then back on with no luck. I pulled the battery but again with no luck. I even switched lenses but that made no difference. A couple of minutes went by and it stabilized. I have less then 100 actuations and never saw this on my A7R. The last thing I want is to have to deal with Sony.... much better to deal with B&H but thought I would post regarding this anomaly. Can't imagine what could have caused it.


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    Re: A7Rll Issue

    Sorry you had this issue and I agree in this case I would rather return it for another body with it being so early in it's ownership and feel safe than sorry.

    In the field I was in we always stated the first 30 days for a electrical component were the most critical after the initialization of the component. If it was good for that period it likely will remain good throughout its expected life span. Sadly with components we did get early failures at times .... it is just the nature of the beast. If it was me..... I would send it back as defective product and get another one and restore my confidence in my tool being used. B&H is a great company to deal with.......

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