Thinking about things to come. I have a decent line of stuff for the A7rII:

  • Sony 24-70/2.8ZA covers the normal zoom range (really good mostly but ugly at 70 mm)
  • Sony 70-400/4-5.6G covers the long end (great at 70 mm)
  • Sony 90/2.8G covers macro and high quality short tele
  • Canon 24/3.5 TSE LII gives wide angle with T&S capability, this lens was one of the main causes I went with the A7rII. My sample is not that great but makes a good job when needed.
  • The short end is lacking. Sometimes the Sigma 12-24/4.5-5.6 works great sometimes fails.

I may be interested in lightweight high quality primes

So here is what I think:

  • That Loxia 21/2.8 looks great
  • The 55/1.8 Sonnar is interesting, too
  • The Loxia 35/2 may also be interesting
  • One of those Voigtländers for ultra wide

But in the short term:

  • Right now I am waiting for DHL to deliver my Hcam Master TSII that I plan to use with my old Hasselblad lenses.
  • Next lens probably will be the Canon 16-35/4L. Why not the Sony 16-35/4? Well, I sort of feel Canon makes the better lenses, it costs less and can be used on the Master TSII.
  • I may consider pulling that Samyang 14/2.8 from the dustbin. It has a horrible distortion but it is actually very sharp.
  • An additional body for backup is also high on the priority list.

It is sort of time to consider money a finite asset, optimising costs versus benefits and prioritise travel over lens purchases. Also, time to consider selling of some older stuff.

Best regards