Just bought this when I was in LA. These are now only 149 dollars so I thought i would try it out and Wow it fits the Sony A7 system really nicely

Here is the lens layout and camera and this is standard configuration pretty much.

I can get a lot of gear in here actually my whole system not that I take every piece on a gig but nice to know I can. It will take a 13 inch laptop which I won't use because i have a 15 and I actually have the 22 bag for that but I rarely like to have both in a bag.

Upper lid inside

Anyway worth checking out Be aware i don't use the hoods that come with these lenses except the 24-70 and Loxia 50mm. I buy cheap metal screw in hoods with no caps.

Gura Gear Bataflae 18L Backpack (Gray) GG26-2 B&H Photo Video