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Thread: Some get it.. (not a rant)

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    Some get it.. (not a rant)

    I found that interesting, because I like what engineers are doing with MFT at Olympus :

    Focus Numérique (a French online magazine) recently interviewed Toshiyuki Terada from Olympus Japan (he was Product planning manager back in 2010, but could have climbed the ladder and got more responsibilities nowadays). He spoke mostly about Olympus, but here is an interesting snippet concerning Sony (translation by myself, no google and original French text at the end) :

    Question : Since last year and through the beginning of this year a wealth of novelties were launched. For you which was the most impressive and the most striking new technology ?

    Answer : this is a difficult question ! But last year I was really impressed by the decision of Sony to launch a 24x36mm sensor featuring only 12 MB ! This is a very difficult decision to take and they hold on it. In the end the A7S is a superb product with a beautiful management of high sensibilities. Even in the dark you can still see things. It is very impressive.


    French original text below :

    Focus Numérique – L'année dernière et ce début d'année sont particulièrement riches en nouveautés. Pour vous quelle est la technologie la plus impressionnante ou la plus marquante.

    Toshiyuki Terada : C'est une question difficile ! Mais l'année dernière, j'ai vraiment été impressionné par la choix de Sony de sortir un capteur 24x36 avec seulement 12 Mpx ! C'est une décision très difficile à prendre et ils s'y sont tenus. Au final, le AS7 est un produit superbe avec une très belle gestion des hautes sensibilités. Même dans le noir, vous pouvez voir des éléments. C'est très impressionnant.

    La stabilisation est également, pour moi, une avancée importante. Nous avons introduit la stabilisation 5 axes et ce système est important dans de nombreux domaines : pour les vitesses lentes, pour les télézooms et même la vidéo. Et maintenant tout le monde développe cette fonctionnalité : Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, etc.

    Link to the original :

    CP+ 16 - Olympus : entretien avec Toshiyuki Terada

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    Re: Some get it.. (not a rant)

    Like so many others, I love the IQ from my A7s2. I find it lacking only when I anticipate a large crop.

    One of my favorite subjects with my A7s2 is portraits with eye detect AF. I think the combination of the new 85 GM and the A7s2 is going to be superb. I am also hoping that the A7s2 can take advantage of the fast focus speed of the new premium lens.

    For my trip to Europe this summer I am thinking of taking my 16-35 FE and my 85 GM as my only 2 lenses.

    I will mount one on an A7r2 and one on an A7s2. Maybe add a small external mic and a few batteries as my whole kit. Carry it in a little backpack.

    I can leave a notebook in my room and process shots along the way. Or, maybe my iPad is enough. More experiments are in order.


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    Re: Some get it.. (not a rant)

    The next photographic thing I'm getting is an A7s and a sensor mod (to help the RF wide angles and astro). Used they now go as low as 1200USD.

    Most ooo and ahhh the 42mp r2, but much more useful to me will be the low light performance of the A7s, which is impossible to overstate.

    Astrophotography has become a huge "thing" with many different sorts of cameras made just for this pursuit, many using cooled CCD sensors. The A7s has really begun to shake things up is the astro community. They love it.

    The A7.mod has been a great companion to my M9, but it is no better at night I'm afraid. Also both of those cameras are loud. The silent shutter of the A7s will help me (i know r2 has it too).
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    Re: Some get it.. (not a rant)

    If you ask me (nobody would when it comes to Sony products, but...), the Sony A7s/II has some magical abilities that sets it apart from any other camera, and for "slow photography" with legacy lenses, it's without competition. The sensor renders beautifully in any light, or lack thereof, 12MP is no challenge for old lenses, the size is is right for a carry-everywhere, and whatever I or other haters think about battery or ergonomics, becomes void and irrelevant for a camera that looks optimised for one-photo-at-the-time photography. As long as auto ISO works and it's possible to change between aperture priority and fully manual, the camera will work as well as any old OM or FM body, and that is really the only thing needed.

    The Nikon Df looks cooler of course, but it only takes F-mount glass and is more difficult to focus. It lacks IS too, if that is needed. Unfortunately, most photographers seem to believe that their abilities increase with the number of pixels. Sometimes, Sony gets it right.
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