I currently shoot with an ancient Sony a900 and two lenses, the ZA 135/1.8 and the Sony 70-200/2.8G (1st version). I shoot a lot of swimming and water polo, and have pretty much reached the limits of the camera for my kind of photography.

I was thinking of getting the a6300, and then maybe selling the 135/1.8 or keep it as a backup with the a900.

Maybe someone can answer a few questions for me:

1. Will I have to stop down focus the 70-200/2.8G on the a6300?

2. If so, how does that affect the fps if I need to shoot at f8? Doesn't stop down focusing pretty much kill the idea of the fast fps focusing of the a6300 because I have to initially focus at f2.8.

3. If I have to stop down focus at f2.8 and have to shoot at f8 or f11, how do I change the aperture without losing sight of what I am shooting? I guess that means I will have to shoot on aperture priority not shutter priority. Water polo moves very quickly.

4. Does the LEA-3 adapter permit me to receive the benefit of the 11fps, or will there be a lessening of the 11 fps?

5. Does the LEA-3 adapter soften the images, like the 1.4x extender can do?

If I mixed up terminology or need correction on terminology, please correct me.

I cannot affored the new 70-200/2.8 GM lens so this will be a set up that will need to last me a short while.

Thank you for your help.