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Thread: Sony A7R with Cambo Actus Macro

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    Sony A7R with Cambo Actus Macro

    anyone use a cambo actus with a sony A7R and nikon macro lenses? i am interested in macro work with a sony A7R. what lens mount offers the best solution for true macro work?

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    Re: Sony A7R with Cambo Actus Macro

    Would like to join in here . For SONY A7II family .
    Looking for the best extension and/or macro ring solution . Has anyone experience here ? ? ?
    Regards . Jürgen .

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    Re: Sony A7R with Cambo Actus Macro

    wouldn’t it be better to have a lens with a bit more wiggle room with movements? or is it just the lens extension you need?
    i use a standard (non macro) 120 apo digitar at f11 and i find this better than a canon 100L macro but don't need 1:1 and beyond so not true macro. the mamiya lenses are meant to be good and not that expensive, the other option is enlarger lenses. not used them myself but the rodenstock 75mm D (duplication) is available in versions optimised for 1:1 use.
    i have used apo rodagon 60mm and old nikkor 75mm/50mm and they are very good considering they are non apo and 20-30 year old designs.
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