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Thread: Sony A7R III mirrorbox replacement. Advice needed!

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    Sony A7R III mirrorbox replacement. Advice needed!

    I have a Sony A7R III. The small glass in front the the mirror box has cracked. I would like to replace it. I have looked up on youtube how to replace the mirrorbox. What I found so far is a video based on the Sony A7R II. Based on that video the mirrobox can be removed without removing the back plate of the camera and opening the main body. I have tried to do the same however the small cover keeping the mirrobox is stuck and I can't remove it.

    My question:

    Is there anybody here who opened up a Sony A7R III? Do I have to open up the frame of the camera and remove the back plate to remove the mirrorbox?


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    Re: Sony A7R III mirrorbox replacement. Advice needed!

    I assume you are talking about the sensor cover glass, since there is no mirror in the A7 cameras. Or are you referring to the eye-piece?

    Removing & replacing the cover glass is complicated. Not sure about the eye-piece. This article might give you some clues -

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