There is an interesting article in the current copy of 'Photoworld' the UK magazine for Sony Alpha/Minolta users club.

It describes a simple way of re-chipping old Minolta AF or Sigma tele lenses using a purpose designed chip device available from James Lao in China: The whole process takes a maximum of 5 minutes using only a small Philips screwdriver and precision side cutters the writer claims. The cost including postage to UK is $60 and took exactly four days from date of order on line. The article shows the finished lens being used on the A900.

Another article has some stunning ground to air shots taken with a Sony Alpha 100 and Minolta 100-300 lens, mostly at 300mm (Equivalent 480mm on a 1.6x crop.)

Some of these old Minolta lenses can really 'cut the mustard', perhaps because some of 'em were designed for Leica branding?! The 35-70 certainly was.