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Thread: Did you guys see these?

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    Shelby Lewis

    Did you guys see these?

    I know some won't like the hdr... but it seems very subtly treated compared to much of what I see. Lovely work, if not totally realistic.

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    Re: Did you guys see these?

    No Shelby, I didn't see these before, there are two or three that I like there too. They're only a tiny spin on what many of us have seen and shot before, I even know exactly where he stood to shoot most of them. Its hard to be original with landscapes, maybe he should have pushed the HDR aspect more to make them look different enough from the millions of other images of the same places floating about or bothered to hike bit to get away from the tourist snap points that are so obvious. But I still do like some of them...

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    Re: Did you guys see these?

    Yes I had seen them and commented on them over there, lovely work indeed.
    David Anderson

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