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Thread: A900 Landscape Kit

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    A900 Landscape Kit

    Hi all,

    I'm making the switch from Nikon -> Sony and planning out my kit on the A900. 95% of my shooting is wide-angle landscapes, and I definitely plan to get the cz 16-35 (although I wish it wasn't so heavy!).

    To round things out, I'm looking at the sony 70-300G and a 50mm prime. Are there any options in the 70-300 range besides the sony I should consider? I do a fair amount of hiking & backpacking, so weight is an important concern. Also, manual focus isn't a deal breaker for me at all, as I do most of my shooting from a tripod and can take time to check focus.

    Thanks in advance! I've got a lot of good info on this forum already, it's one of the better Sony resources I've found so far.


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    Re: A900 Landscape Kit

    Congratulations on you decision. There is nothing that matches the A900 for landscape photography in 35mm format at the moment. I'm sure you'll be very pleased. I cannot give you any advice on the 70-300 range but (a) there is a wonderful 135mm Zeiss (heavy and no zoom) if that range would be sufficient for you and (b) you should also consult the sites


    with useful info on lenses.

    Cheers, Bob.

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    Re: A900 Landscape Kit

    The 16-35 Zeiss ZA is a cracking good lens and an absolute must have for landscapes and architectural shots. The 70-300 is also a very good and lightweight (compare to the Zeiss 135) travelling companion.

    The ZA 135 is another very good lens but heavy. It does however focus quite close for it's focal length so good for detailed landscape work such as rock details etc., if that is your thing.
    Cheers, Dave

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    Re: A900 Landscape Kit

    Thanks for the advice on the 135mm -- looks like a great lens, but a little heavy for me, especially if I'll want to carry another lens to cover 135-> 200 and 70->135.

    The Sony 70-300 looks like the best option here. I also found a comparison of the 75-300 vs the 70-300 and it looks like the 70-300 is the clear winner.


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    Re: A900 Landscape Kit

    the sony 75-300 definately performs inline with it's price.

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