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Thread: Sony IDC with Snow Leopard (Mac)

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    Sony IDC with Snow Leopard (Mac)

    I have been using Sony IDC and foolishly upgraded to Snow Leopard and cannot get IDC to display any images. Image Data Lightbox will display images but IDC won't. It worked fine with Leopard.

    Does anyone else who uses a Mac have these problems? I tried reinstalling IDC and now I can't even get anything to show up except the menu bar across the top.

    Does anyone know of a website with IDC support forums? I searched and this time Google is not my friend


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    Re: Sony IDC with Snow Leopard (Mac)

    yeah i've upgraded my mac from tiger to snow leo, and my IDC also won't show any image!!!!

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    Re: Sony IDC with Snow Leopard (Mac)

    Yes quite a few problems with Snow Leopard, mainly printers... My HP DesignJet 120nr large format printer has no driver for 10.6 and I had to manually remove all the HP printers from 10.6 and install 10.5 driver. The software utility for calibrating the HP printer does not work at all in 10.6, something missing in one of the Apple frameworks. I suspect that is why HP dropped support.

    Also DxO does not work properly (really annoying as they have just fixed the A900 green in shadows problem). You cannot browse for files in DxO and have to drop and drag via the Finder to load anything.

    Aperture plus NIK plugins are OK thank goodness.

    My old CS2 still works as well.
    David Anderson

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