(Note: I originally placed this review in the Canon forum, but honestly, this book has so much good general photography information that I felt it would be better shared with everybody here.)

Author and photographer John Kraus has just published his EOS 1Ds3 field guide. Normally, I do not bother with this type of book because they are usually not much more than glorified instruction manuals. However, this one is refreshingly different! While it indeed covers general operation, controls, shooting modes and custom function settings in detail, it also does a good job of actually explaining how each of these features works in an easily-understood manner. Next, it includes many great shooting tips and is generously illustrated in full color with good photography! I could probably stop with just those comments, however I feel compelled to add a bit more detail for you...

The guide is a little over 250 pages total and is broken into four main main subject sections with several chapters in each section. Section 1 is titled "Exploring the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III," and obviously it contains most of the cameras operational basics. Section 2 is titled "System Components." Here, instead of the usual grocery list with brief explanations of what each component does, the author goes into additional detail on tethered shooting, lens choice considerations with some excellent photography as examples, and finishes with a thorough explanation of working with Canon speedlights. Section 3 is titled "In the Field with Your Canon 1Ds Mark III." This is the section that really sets this book apart from others IMO, as it is an excellent resource all by itself regardless of what camera you shoot! Without listing everything, the author basically covers tips and considerations for every major type of photography from Wedding to Architecture to Landscape to People, even including discussion about portable lighting kits and modifiers. Obviously these are not in-depth training sessions on each type of photography, but they are an excellent primer for any general photographer. The last section is a series of appendixes, which includes a chapter on maintenance and raw processor overviews in addition to specifications and a glossary.

Full disclosure: I did not pay for this book, rather it arrived in the mail one day as a complimentary gift. I usually have this happen a few times each year and if the book is good, I write about it; if it isn't, you won't see anything from me about it... That said, I do give this book a solid "-"!

Here is a link to the book on Amazon, though your local camera store may carry it too: http://www.amazon.com/Canon-EOS-1Ds-...3655171&sr=1-3

Here is a link to the author's website (and yes, he's a real photographer too!): http://www.johnkrausphotography.com/...&Akey=M924DZ8G