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Thread: Shipping to the World

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    Shipping to the World

    Without realizing that everyone buys almost everything from China and it would get worse during the year end, I bought a few adapters from there.

    While the ones that get shipped from mainland China got delivered quicker than ever, stuff from Hong Kong got delayed a bit (only a bit).

    It turns out the HK mail system crashed due to the sheer volume.

    Would it stop them from shutting down? No.

    A lot get shipped to Singapore from HK and then get mailed from there!

    Really astonishing when I was already wondering how China manages to produce and sell so many things cheaply while importing every RAW material they need from abroad (doesn't oil/shipping cost money?).

    Anyone shipping from Singapore using their post would know how much it costs.

    I am not bright when it comes to economics but something appear not to add up correctly.

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    Re: Shipping to the World

    Somewhere, somehow, shipping costs will be part of the overall purchase price of almost anything. While reading about the Baltic Dry Index I came across something that mentioned an estimated 90% of all consumed goods have crossed the ocean on a boat at least once either as raw materials, components, or finished product.

    Fwiw, if you really want to how well the global economy is doing, or not doing, look a the the BDI.

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