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Thread: Thom Hogan's 2010 Predictions on camera lines

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    Thom Hogan's 2010 Predictions on camera lines

    Thom's predictions

    His list of camera manufactures on rise is surprising.

    Companies on the Rise
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    Re: Thom Hogan's 2010 Predictions on camera lines

    Interesting that he could not or chose not to list Nikon in any of the three categories. The category labels are such that every marque can be assigned to one of them. An oversight, perhaps?

    And yes, his rising list choices are most interesting.

    I guess my question is, of what value? Kinda like the advice given by investment brokers. (Oh geez, now I've insulted investment brokers. )
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    Re: Thom Hogan's 2010 Predictions on camera lines

    If one were to read the article, they would see his lack of placement for Nikon:

    "You'll note that I didn't put Nikon in that chart. Technically, they are in a middle ground between rising and falling (compacts rising, DSLRs falling very slightly). If I had to put them into a category I'd put them into the falling category, though. Why? Because this is about momentum. Nikon basically hit a low-momentum point with the intros of the D3000/D300s/D3s. By the end of the year, prices will be under strong pressure, so I'd tend to put them in the falling momentum category."


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    Re: Thom Hogan's 2010 Predictions on camera lines

    Camera phones are already a market two orders of magnitude larger than the compact camera business. Most of the sensor orders for upcoming camera phones are in the 3 and 5mp range, with 8mp right behind that (a 14mp sensor was just announced). Within two years, 5mp camera phones will be ubiquitous and 8mp will be readily available. This puts the low end compact camera market at jeopardy.

    NEC model N-02B available through DoCoMo -- 12.2mp sensor, with flash.

    The phone is thin, light, downloads at 7.2Mbps, uploads at 5.7Mbps.

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