I'm seeking ideas from you guys. Perhaps this may have been covered somewhere else so if there are links, I'll be real grateful to know:

I'm thinking of starting a decorative photo print business whereby I would print up photos which I feel will be salable to people wanting to decorate their homes or offices. These need not be your fine art prints but anything from landscapes, scenics, nature, flowers, pictorials, landmarks etc so long as they appeal to house owners, interior decorators, office managers, architects etc. I feel at this point in time, price point is important as most are working with thin budgets. Prints most likely will be on glossy archival medium or canvas. They will be in the region of 24" x 32" or 36". They will be matted and framed under acrylic.

Initially I will probably be the sole source of images but I would like to have the ability to use images from as many photographers from all over the world. This will add range and choices to the gallery.

My question is what do you think are some of the best ways for me to acquire images to use for this project. Do I buy image files outright from others? What kind of arrangements like rights should such purchases be used? Are there photographers who "consign" images to others and only get paid upon a sale? Any suggestions or experience you can share will be a great help to me.

Thank you.