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Thread: Congrats to the Saints

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    Congrats to the Saints

    Just thought it was nice to see the Saints win the Super Bowl. But more important to all the folks that reside in the New Orleans area that went through such a devastating hurricane a few years back to bring that city something to cheer about. So congrats to the city of New Orleans. I visited that city many times over the years and nice to see it recovering. Who Dat
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    Re: Congrats to the Saints

    I'll second that Guy. I'm not a Saints fan but I watched their playoff performance and it seemed as if they were the team destined to win. They played great against the Colts and deserved to win. The win against the Vikings was nothing short of miraculous. I still shake my head when I think how the Vikings snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with the final moments penalty that took them out of field gold range followed by Favre throwing the interception. And yes, New Orleans deserves all the good news it can get.

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    Re: Congrats to the Saints

    X3. Sean Payton sure has some stones.

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