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Thread: Impossible hits road bump in Polaroid revival

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    Impossible hits road bump in Polaroid revival

    "Bringing back Instant Film and saving analog Instant Photography from extinction is not a breeze - it is rather like constantly scraping past an adventurous abyss and breaking down barriers.

    The latter has currently to be done at our factory in Enschede, where an unexpected surprise of impossibility within production occured on the weekend of February 6th. This undesireable fact is now forcing us to reschedule our timetable - the NYC press event on 22nd February has to be postponed. The Project leader's Florian Kaps and André Bosman give themselves one more month to cope with the Impossible. On
    March 22nd 2010"


    "The market wants a Leica to be a Leica: the inheritor of tradition, the subject of lore, and indisputably a mark of status to own."
    Mike Johnston

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    Re: Impossible hits road bump in Polaroid revival

    Call me what you will, but I always found Polaroids to be terrible. I have no objection to it's revival, however I do not understand the appeal other than it's blurry images utilized for the sake of "art".

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