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Thread: Camera filters with digital

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    Camera filters with digital

    Hi Guys,

    As a digital and photoshop noob, I found myself rearranging my kit bag, and came across a stack of filters I'd bought for use with film. I sat for a while pondering which ones needed to be included in a digital bag. In the end I came to the conclusion that probably only a polariser and ND filters need to be included.

    CC filters could be used when shooting interiors, but of course we don't do multiple exposures any more, and individual images can be corrected and combined later. Or is it still easier to correct and shoot at the time?

    Otherwise, what filters do you guys still use on the front of the camera? I may have missed something.

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    Re: Camera filters with digital

    If it is a M8, then a IR cut, otherwise nothing other than a 3 and a 6 stop ND, unless I am looking for something really strange.

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