Hi everyone, my daughter is walking the el camino santiago pilgrimage in northern spain, and she has lost her camera. As all of you will understand the files are more important than the camera. I know looking for it is a long shot but I am her father and I have to try, it is a Nikon coolpix p5000, s/n ending with 265.
I have hope of finding it, I have made posts before on line that have led to search engine discoveries so who knows, any help will be appreciated, thanks Bill Wilby

Here is her description of where and how she might of lost it,
I had my camera leaving Fromista. I'm pretty sure I also had it in the next town 3.8 km later called Poblacion de Campos. After this town there was a choice to walk along the road or to walk along the river and we chose the path along the river, about 10 km later in Villalcazar de Sirga I went to take a picture and realized that i didnt have my camera anymore. In those 10 km we only passed through one small town called Villovieco, but we stopped other places in the shade along the path and it must have just fell out of my bag at some point. So, it could be anywhere along this 10 km stretch of path beside the river. I should've gone back to look for it, but it was hot and the thought of walking backwards in the sun with no shade overpowered the desire to find my camera. I regretted that later when I was rested again, but well thats what happened.