I was asked whether I want to throw my head into the ring for a group exhibition with the title "My Life". I need 5 photos and, for timing reasons, these must come basically out of my existing stock. I really struggle with the concept; the most important "things" in my life are the people close to me but I don't want to show shots of them (and the shots may be interesting for me but not for others). I don't have shots relating to my profession or my hobbies other than photography. So far the best idea I came up with was a series of shots of places that mean something to me: the forest around the city where I live; the French coast; NYC; etc. While I am happy with these shots as such, I am still not convinced it's the right concept.

Of course, it's a very personal thing, but I would be interested in what others would do if faced with the same task. May be one could even start a thread where people post 3-5 shots corresponding to the concept.