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You know, I wouldn't give a rat's arse if Phase supplied their latest and greatest in a brown paper bag. If it's bling you want then perhaps cameras aren't really your thing.
When I have to sign a P.O. for something, it totally raises my expectations of the total user experience. I expect more from something that requires that I have a dealer relationship to effectively use and purchase than something that I research and buy from the cheapest commodity supplier. ( i.e. a D300 )

Having had the pleasure of living in France for a few years, I'm used to paying a premium for the sizzle over just the steak. That is why Micheline stars include components for not only for the food, but the restaurant, and place setting as well. While the food may be no better, the total dining experience is better when the parsley is green and fresh, and the table is not next to the toilet.

While an IQ back would take no better images when delivered in a blue plastic case, it would lower my opinion of Phase One if they treated me like a wino.

This is a essentially a gear forum, we do wander off into shades of gray every now and then, and that is what this thread is about: the marketing effort that P1 has made with both dealers and users. I would argue that the P1 suits showed a lack of market clarity and differentiation when the made the choices of how to reposition a 40K set of product packing.

So yeah, to some extent, it is about the bling.