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Thread: Images from Hurricane Irene

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    Images from Hurricane Irene

    Hope everyone is ok after Hurricane Irene.

    Figured I am sure a bunch of members may have some pictures and stories to share so I am starting a thread.

    Here in Philadelphia we had a lot of water and some heavy winds.

    I am very lucky since I still have power and many of my neighbors , even ones just right across the street are without it, and not sure when it will be restored. There are still many trees down and roads closed in my neighborhood.

    The trains are not running from Philadelphia to NY because the Trenton,NJ train station which is right off of the Delaware River is under water , so I am working remotely.

    Yesterday I took a few toys (Phase One Gear )downtown to the Schuylkill River which is right by 30th Train Station in downtown Philadelphia and took a few images.

    I even saw a boy pick up a fish that was flapping by the bushes and assisted it back into the flowing river.

    It was amazing how high the water was, the walking paths were submerged and there were a lot of debris flowing a high speeds down the river, including whole trees, sporting balls, propane tanks, etc! I guess many peoples backyards got a good cleaning!

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    Re: Images from Hurricane Irene

    Here's a few from Vermont... much of the central and southern portions of the state are completely isolated. Most major roads are washed out, with helicopters bringing in supplies. The horse photo was taken the next day...
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