A user Leica M4-2 arrived yesterday. BGN grade out of KEH. Better than the rating as always, it seems: aside from little signs of being handled and used, the only "less than perfect" evidence is that the rangefinder is slightly out of vertical alignment.

I tested the frame line selector with Skopar 35, Skopar 50 and M-Rokkor 90 lenses ... All working great, rangefinder seems accurate, parallax correction working smoothly. Ran a junk roll of dead film through it twice ... Yay, I remember how to load and rewind! Film advance, shutter release, rewind all smooth and precise. Fitted a flash unit and checked sync: looks fine.

So I put the Skopar 50 on it, fitted a leather wrist strap, loaded a roll of XP2 Super from the freezer, and slipped an A&A half case onto it. Stuck it and a light meter into my bag. Time to make a roll of photos.

All great journeys are circles leading us back home.