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Thread: Hobbyists selling their work

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    Hobbyists selling their work

    Like many others on this forum, I do not earn a living with photography—on the contrary, I am sinking large sums of money into my hobby . OTOH, from time to time a produce an image that may be worth selling, either as a fine art print, a postcard or otherwise. The same is obviously true for other hobbyists, and I know that some of you are selling their work.

    I would be curious to know how and where do you sell and market your work. I am about the create a webpage on zenfolio, but I there are so many…

    Anyway, hope we can start a thread exchanging views on this topic.


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    Re: Hobbyists selling their work

    I highly recommend picking up a copy of "Marketing Fine Art Photography" by Alain Briot. He has a lot of good advice about how to approach the next step the right way and learn from the mistakes of others ( and he's quite honest about the fact that he made many of them himself! )
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