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Thread: Shooting film attracts friends.

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    Shooting film attracts friends.

    I just responded to a thread on the RF forum about film and inquisitive onlookers and thought I'd share my recent experience here.

    I was shooting in an underground Thai temple only a few days ago with my Hexar RF and AF. A Thai guy with his Canon digital came up to and asked if his wife could take a shot of the two of us together explaining that he was honored to be in the presence of a dedicated film man. He asked if he could hold the RF for the shot. As we were posing a young German tourist walked by with his Grandads Minolta SRT and amazingly a Thai schoolgirl with a Contax G1. Well, the Canon guy couldn't believe his luck and after we all posed he insisted on buying food/drinks for all.

    P.s. I'm a 66 year old Brit. The Thai guy was 55, the German lad was 38 and the school girl was 17.

    So yea, film has no barriers or peers.
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    Re: Shooting film attracts friends.

    I've always somehow felt that people feel a whole lot less threatened by film shooters. I shoot film with my Hasselblad 500CM, and people are always delighted by the novelty of it and love to chat about 'those times'. I also have a Nikon F3T that I shoot Tri-X 400 with, and love the attention it gets when I'm out on the street - a great conversation starter!
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