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Thread: Glacier and Yellowstone

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    Glacier and Yellowstone

    This summer, I will be going with my wife to Montana / Wyoming, including Yellowstone and (hopefully) Glacier (and possibly also a stay on a ranch). I never was in that corner of the US, so any tips would be much appreciated.

    One thing I am hesitating at the moment is whether to get an RV and camp or a car and lodge (no tent camping this time). Advantage of the car is you can get everywhere, easier parking, and I can sneak out early morning for a shoot without taking the whole family with me. Advantage of the RV is that camping is fun and cheaper than lodges.

    If lodges, I would also appreciate tips where to stay.

    Thanks in advance.


    PS: I already managed to reserve 3 night lodging in Yellowstone.

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    Re: Glacier and Yellowstone

    For info on Glacier check Glacier Chat Page. Lots of info about lodging, hiking, food, and other stuff.

    I go to Glacier every summer and stay in the St Mary area. We have a small lot there and park a trailer. I too get up early and drive into the park for some early morning time to myself.

    Alot of folks love to stay in Many Glaciers for photos and bears, as well as hiking. Check into the Many Glacier's Lodge. The west side of Glacier is fine, but more crowded and too many tourist. I prefer to hang on the east side and drive to Logan Pass and down to the loop, then back to St Mary.

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