Any other dyslexic minds out there? Has it made a difference to your photography?

Itís finally been sinking in to my own dyslexic brain that this isnít just a problem in detail recognition and retention that needs to be overcome but an integral part of oneís being that needs to be appreciated in its own right ~ a difference in the way oneís brain actually functions that should be recognized, developed and rejoiced in. (For more and better in this vein, see this interview at Q&A: The Unappreciated Benefits of Dyslexia | Wired Science | )

A great many highly creative people have dyslexic minds, minds which are not best described as defective in certain specifics but as exceptionally capable in their general ability to make creative leaps and connections. Many persons with dyslexic minds exhibit ďwhole brainĒ processing patterns that enable them to excel at contextual thinking, understand through narrative reasoning, draw conclusions from their own experience, make intuitive linkages and be able to predict unconventional pathways and outcomes in fluid situations. Many have a heightened spatial understanding as well, but it would be a mistake to look for "cookie cutter" characteristics as each person is unique.

Patton, Picasso, Edison, Einstein, Ansel Adams, Leonardo da Vinci, John Lennon, Winston Churchill and William Butler Yeats are just a few such....

SO, if YOUR minds havenít glazed over entirely by now, Iím curious ~

Are there many (or any) of us who find themselves on familiar ground here?

Has that revealed itself in the way you make photographs or even in the gear you use?

Are there procedures that do seem to work for others but which youíve either been unable to master or which you just cannot bring yourself to use?

Any pitfalls youíd caution about or pathways youíd celebrate?

Are you glad about your dyslexic mind? I am ~ I wouldnít be me without it!

All the best,