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Thread: loading images to gallery and threads

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    loading images to gallery and threads

    my present technique is:

    to gallery:
    choose category
    then up-load button;
    then one-line/one-image at a time, give path(s) to my images by selecting one from my hard drive viewer, in the appropriate folder
    then submit

    when going to my hard drive to locate the next image (usually in the same folder) i also have wade through my hierarchy every time rather than re-landing in the last folder as default

    if there is a way to batch load, when i have 40 images this would be very useful

    to threads:
    in gallery i copy the url for the image (one image at a time)
    then create the post, using the "mountain" to paste in the url
    then post it

    if i have more than one image in the same post, i have to go back to the gallery, get the next url copied, go to the post, hit "edit" insert new url, etc.

    any way to streamline this, so i don;t end up going back and forth between gallery and the post...?

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    Re: loading images to gallery and threads


    That's helpful, thanks!
    Rev. Heng Sure
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    Re: loading images to gallery and threads

    John (right?),

    When I post images from the gallery, I open two browser window(tabs). One tab on the gallery page, ready to get the image url using right click. Then switch to the other tab where I'm composing the message to paste in the url.

    On my mac, once I chose a file to upload from a directory, the next time it will open back into that directory. If you know the file names, you can quickly type it and it will scroll to files that start with those keystrokes. If you type too slowly, it will just jump to files starting with that letter.
    David Young
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