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Thread: Stock agencies, image sales

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    Stock agencies, image sales

    Guys, I couldn't think of where to ask this on the forum, but for those who license / sell their images online digitally where do you do it?

    I've signed up to Alamy but not really done anything about it as I've heard stock sites and microstock is well, 'not worth the effort'.

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    Re: Stock agencies, image sales

    That depends on how you value your effort. In my experience, Alamy is best for selling unique and slightly "off beat" photos, but in theory, anything can sell there, although slowly.

    Microstock is a cynical business. Your photos sell for peanuts and you get a small fraction of that. The key to success is volume and/or longevity. I mostly go for the latter, and some of my photos have sold well for many years. Sometimes, it's better to have a photo generate at least a bit of income instead of gathering dust on the hard disk. It's hard work to build a portfolio though, and anything bellow 1,000 photos will mostly generate pennies.

    Here's a forum with healthy discussions and good recommendations about the state of affairs:

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