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Thread: Little Things Make a Difference

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    Little Things Make a Difference

    In the past few days, I've received a couple of little things I found on EBay.

    For Polaroid SX-70, the tripod adapter and remote shutter release. $50
    For Hasselblad 500CM and 80/150mm lenses, a small collection of B50 close up lenses. $45

    It's amazing how much versatility and quality improvement can come from such small expenditures! Now the relatively limited close up ability of he Hassy's lenses is no longer a problem, and the Polaroid's slow film is similarly less a restriction since the camera can be well stabilized.

    Anyone else find some little gems like this that opened up new dimensions in their equipment?

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    Re: Little Things Make a Difference

    That's what eBay is for isn't it? All the stuff that can't be found locally, I find there, lens hoods in particular. Just bought a new one for the 80-200 AF-S (surprisingly, they break when I drop the lens onto concrete ). Unfortunately, I also find things there that I think I "need". "No, no, no Jørgen", I say to myself, "you are not a magpie". But then, maybe I am after all

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