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Thread: Anyone ever shot production stills?

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    Anyone ever shot production stills?

    I have an opportunity to shoot production stills for a major network. Has anyone here ever done any of this work. Will be doing a little shooting with a sound blimp but mostly architecture interior and exterior images. Anything I should be aware of, pitfalls, opportunities etc. Any input would be appreciated. Taking on this contract will require me to terminate some more financially rewarding work that on a personal level is completely unrewarding.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Anyone ever shot production stills? sound like an artist!

    If photography is your ultimate goal, then using this opportunity might be beneficial. Doing production stills can add lot's of production value to your portfolio, in the sense that most sets will be lit by a gaffer, DP, best boy etc. The quality of light is outstanding and all you have to do is document the set ups. A major studio is a great place to network too.

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    Re: Anyone ever shot production stills?

    I used to do this:
    The stills photographer (a department of one) is always in the wrong place for somebody who perceives themselves as having a greater priority to be there.
    If you are not in the wrong place for somebody else, you will probably be in the wrong place to get a useable shot.
    Try to stay out of the actors' eyelines. Make-up, costume and hair may all decide that their artist (during rehearsals) is not in a fit state to be photographed and will do things like put sectioning grips in their hair or a coat over a costume, only removing them for the take, and if you are going to shoot during a take, a proper dedicated sound blimp for your
    camera is a must; not just one of those large padded leather gloves.
    Your best chance if you are not blimped or can't get what you want, is after each take, but you have to be quick before an actor rushes off to change,
    or the set is struck for a scene change etc

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