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Thread: Recomendations for visting New York City.

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    Recomendations for visting New York City.

    With all the places in the world I've been, I confess I've never been to NYC.

    I'm starting to plan to do a lot traveling this year and would like some recomendations on visiting New York.

    My major goals are to spend at least a day or more the the Metropolitan, MOMA, the Guggenheim, Natural History, International Photography center, and take in a performance at the Met Opera.

    Any other things I should plan to see?

    Are there inexpensive places to stay in the downtown?

    All suggestions welcome.

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    Re: Recomendations for visting New York City.


    I made 4 trips to NYC specifically to do street shooting and attend various I may have some up to date information. (28days on the street in 2008).

    1. Get the Eyewitness guide to NYC covers every area highlighting the key sites ..but equally important it gives you sort of a Google maps view of the area. I use the eyewitness guide to find the best areas .

    2. Buy a subway pass for the week and study the map can waste a ton of time getting from A to B.

    3. Check the event guides for the big stuff....I do this in detail and still miss things. The next big thing is Chinese New Years celebration around the end of the month. I found a guide that explained how you could join the parade as a photographer .

    4. I rent apartments down around Union Square area ....still typically $250/night.

    5. Found a great post over on Photonet in the travel section...I will look for it.

    6. Its difficult to do this trip justice in mid winter ...the cold and short days reduce your shooting time.

    7. My strategy has been to get to a great location (like central park) and then slow down.....walk slow ,sit on a bench, the shots will just come to you .

    If I can get my act together I will post a few ....if I can help with specifics send me a PM.

    Roger Dunham

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