I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all here at getDPI for the heads up that was posted below :

QUOTE "From time to time folks have been PMed or have received emails with roughly the following content:
Good day....still in interested in buying this items..and i have it for sale contact me for pic and details.....Thanks
Best regard
i will need Your email address for pic and details or contact me Via [email protected] for pic and details...
Yesterday there were about a dozen such incidents.
We think these look suspicious and think folks should be on the lookout for such messages and treat them with extreme caution. " END QUOTE

I was contacted by this person and was about to pay him for an RRS BH-55 that i was looking to purchase. After reading the notice I e-mailed him to say that i could no longer commit to the purchase and he came back with the question why?

I did a screen copy of the warning and mailed it to him, since then i have heard nothing.

Many thanks once again.

Kind regards