Since I use a P&S, all auto mandatory, my habits have probably change. Before I decided "this afternoon I am going out snapping pictures", so I prepared my gear depending where I was going to, I was then all into photo mode for that afternoon.
I don't do that anymore, just don't feel like that much, but prefer to have permanently a camera with me. I go shopping ? OK the P&S is nearly all the time with me.
I wouldn't bring my Leica M, even if it is considered a small camera.

So habits have changed and the camera has to be microcospic. But I think their ergonomics isn't appropriate. They are obviously very light and tripping the shutter give a vertical move prone to blurr the picture.
As you frame with the back screen at arm lenght, it would have been better to have the shutter button on the back of the camera so you could press it with your thumb.
In place of the actual shutter button you could have all the wheels you want to set shutter speeds, apertures ect... adjustable with the forefinger.
This is just an example

It's true that until now with the Ricoh GR and Pana GM1, there was no serious cameras to pocket, but now manufacturers should re-think their ergonomic entirely.