Olympus E-1 + Pentax 50mm f/1.4
ISO 3200 @ f/2 @ 1/30 sec

I've been socked into the condo all week renovating/reorganizing our home office. Almost done now, it's looking great. Taking a little break, I sat back and wandered through some photos I'd shot with the ancient E-1 in 2008. Sheesh, I've had this camera for five years and a couple-ten thousand exposures. It still makes beautiful photographs.

I found this simple snap of bar stools captured at ISO 3200 with a Pentax 50mm lens fitted (the M50/1.4). Lightroom 5.3 makes ISO 3200 look just beautiful in B&W, with lovely soft grain that reminds me so much of Tri-X beat up properly in some funky chemistry.

Still love the old lump. :-)