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Thread: Longevity

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    Lets say that you have a number of images from maybe a handful to a few dozen that you would like to make reproducible for future generations over the next 500 - 1000 years. What could you do right now to a digitally captured image so that these limited images may survive? I chose to limit the number of images because if the method was expensive it could be afforded.

    It seems to me to achieve this for an entire archive the only option is to setup a legacy whereby a descendant or someone has the job of refreshing the digital data to the current medium and format, thereby preserving it.

    If it was a limited number of images what is the best long surviving print method we currently have now? No expense spared.

    I know this is an age old question but does it get more possible NOW for private use if we limit the images that are to survive?

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    Re: Longevity

    I would make them really famous so they would be in the top art museums.

    If film, then correct storage would help greatly. Low humidity, low temp. If digital, then multiple storage drives in a tif format.

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