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Thread: Possible in 1988 but not in 2014?

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    Possible in 1988 but not in 2014?

    Every time somebody comes up with the "new" idea of making a digital back for old but popular SLR cameras, like the Nikon F3 or Canon F1, people who claim to know are very quick to cut the idea down. Too expensive. Too complicated. There isn't room enough. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    But Kodak did just that. They did it in 1988 with 1988 technology, and it worked. But not now.

    I'm not sure if I care, but if somebody did this and made it available for (insert name of great, old camera body here), I just might be tempted enough to buy one

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    Re: Possible in 1988 but not in 2014?

    When I was working for Minolta, I asked one of the engineers about this type of solution. They said is was difficult because of the tolerances. And Minolta did make a digital model of a converted SLR. Still, even after that, the company just thought it was too impractical, which you can also read as expensive.

    BTW, a prototype camera is hardly proof of concept. With enough money and time, you can make anything. That does not mean it is viable for commercial purposes.

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