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Thread: What's all this hype about mirrorless.....?

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    What's all this hype about mirrorless.....?

    I just read this this Flickr post on NR.....
    31% of images were taken with iPhone, 31% with DSLR, 25% with P&S, and.... a measly 3% with Mirrorless.....

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    Re: What's all this hype about mirrorless.....?

    Mirrorless is the youngest of the group, to be expected.
    I am in none of the these groups, I am more "Fixed Lens, Large Sensor" (FLLS - maybe pronounced FOOLS?)
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    Re: What's all this hype about mirrorless.....?

    The more I use my DSLR bodies after selling out of mirrorless, the less interested I am in the latter. An EVF can always try to mimic reality to the same level as an OVF, but the OVF is reality. To me, mirrorless is getting increasingly closer to Coke Zero and electronic cigarettes. If I'm going to do something in life, I choose the best taste, not the tastiest chemicals. If I'm going to stay healthy, I eat rye bread, drink beer and look through an optical viewfinder, not some electronic representation of reality.

    Edit: Written with arrogance filter turned to "Maximum Effect"
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    Re: What's all this hype about mirrorless.....?

    For Sale: Nikon D750 body
    Only a few hundred exposures made with this body. It is "as new" in box with all paperwork.
    Spare battery included.

    I acquired it just shortly before the Leica SL was announced. After working with the Leica SL for three weeks, I know I'll never use the D750 again. The D750 is a good camera and makes fine photographs; it just feels antiquated, so two-thousand-oughts.
    With maximum tongue-in-cheek.

    Quote-unquote "mirrorless" is very young yet.

    For me, after shooting with Nikon SLRs for thirty-two years, despairing that Leica RFs were dead in the digital world, moving to DSLRs and not being particularly happy with them, picking up the first mirrorless in 2008 and working my way through its infancy, going back to DSLRs twice, revisiting mirrorless in its adolescence, falling in love all over again with Leicaflex SL, Leica R8, Nikon F, and Nikon F6, and then picking up the D750, I found the D750 just didn't do it for me. I preferred the Nikon F/F6 and the Leicaflex SL/Leica R8 (never mind the Leica M-P) ... by yards and miles.

    The Leica SL arrived right then and has realized my notion of what I wanted in a modern digital camera perfectly. It's the first of the wave, the first post-adolescent mirrorless camera—still young, but with a bright future in front of it. Canon and Nikon will get there eventually too.

    I don't worry about Flickr statistics.


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