Not me, but this is interesting from so many points of view. My favourite quote from this article is:

"As soon as they finished printing I said “WOW.” I said wow because they not only held up, but they looked fantastic. If I had someone look at the prints and ask what I took it with they would never have known it was a 15-yr-old Nikon D1X."

Add to that the fact that there are so many great shots from that shoot, and I can stop myself from asking where all the technology is taking us. Although photos may look less noisy with fewer blown highlights with the new zillion ISO cameras, a good photographer will always take better photographs, telling a more interesting story with whatever camera he has at hand. The Tri-X grain was seen as something that contributed to the photo rather than retracting from it, remember?

Here's the article:

Nikon D1X "5 Min Portrait" Photo Challenge: Using A 15-yr-old DSLR On A Professional Photo Shoot | Fro Knows Photo

A side note:
My newest DSLR is for the time being the D300, but I still prefer the D2Xs. I use both cameras regularly and have no plans retiring any of them. So while the article is interesting enough reading for most, and possibly an eye-opener for some, it's very close to everyday reality for me and many others. It makes me a bit sad that we have to be reminded about the qualities of a camera that was launched as recently as 15 years back. It's still a great tool. It requires skills to get the best out of it, but if devaluation of skills is something that has to be expected with introduction of new technology, I'm off to the jungle or some other place where skill is still needed.