Yesterday, my next door neighbors rang the doorbell. The two youngest of their four boys, seven and nine years old, made a gift and greeting cards for us and couldn't wait to present them.

They are just great kids, I always love it when I run into them in the hall or around the property, and their parents are wonderful people. They made us cookies for the holidays and the cards are just amazing, wonderful things.

After accepting and opening the gift, thanking them and listening to their excited chatter, I told them that we had to have a picture of them for our Christmas collection. With a nod to mom and dad, I told them to come on in and sit down on the couch. They're fascinated with our condo and their eyes are roaming everywhere. I pull out the InstaKon RF70 and tell them, "I'm going to make two pictures. You can take one of them home." And make the first picture.

As the print whirrs its way out of the camera, I see their eyes open wide and astonishment light their faces. A moment later the second one whirrs out, just as an image starts to appear on the first. And the look of absolute wonder and joy on their faces chokes me up.

Thank you, Edwin Land, for inventing this magic. Thank you MiNT Camera for repairing and refurbishing these sacred cameras, and for inventing new ones. Thank you Fujifilm, Impossible Project, and Polaroid Originals, for keeping the magic of instant film alive. It is the most precious thing to see the look on a child's face, young and old, when you can hand them a finished photo to keep and have forever just a moment after it was made.

And thank you, boys, for the love you bring to my world.

The First Day of Christmas may well be the best this year. Happy Holidays to all!